Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trip update from a content and wind blown traveler...

Nathan and I have decided to divide blogging duties; he's going to write the detailed ride report, and I get to focus on pictures! And I'll add in my own two cents, of course. :-)

Here are a few photo gems from Monday:

The view of the lighthouse from the seal cave, with the water crashing on the rocks.

Another inside the cave view:


Random Crab Pot

Nathan, looking at the bridge we were about to cross.

The Bridge:

And us!

Monday night, sunset was gentle and lovely, as we headed up to the lighthouse.

The Lighthoyse was way cool; these photos caught the beams hitting the hillside.

It was a magical experience sitting on a bench and watching the lights flow outward around us.

Tuesday morning my eyes popped open about 5, and there was no going back to sleep. Hoping Nathan could sleep more, I tossed on some clothes and headed down to the beach.

The beach from the trail:

A sitting tree.

Further down the trail...

This bridge was super expensive, and crossed only a little low spot. They are doing construction to maintain it now.

Ah, finally. The beach.

Back up to the house for breakfast! Isn't it idyllic?

In this picture, my intent was to capture the light fixture. See how many bulbs it has? This is the assistant lighthouse keepers side of the duplex. Here's the light fixture from the head honcho:

After breakfast, we were off!

Day two was about wind! It blew from the time we got on the road at 10:30 until we stopped in Eureka at 7:30, and it was no gentle breeze. It pushed us all around in our lanes, making me use my dirt bike frame style on a street bike! There were some amazing curvy roads in there too, so I'm getting lots of practice on curves.

On our way, we stopped for lunch at The Stayuon in Bandon. 

Then off to the Drive Thru Tree! (There's no picture of my fist pump as we crossed the California border. :-) )

Later will add some video of us driving through the tree. :-)

Then we went zooming off to Eureka, a sleepy little town just before we veer inland. Mexican for dinner, and then sleep!

Today, we will embark on a quest to find the lost coast highway, tour the Avenue of the Giants, and head down to Fort Bragg to spend the night. 

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