Thursday, May 22, 2014

In this case, pictures can't describe... (Eureka to Point Arena)

Yesterday was such an amazing day. Our adventures began in Ferndale, trying to find highway 211, the highway of the lost coast. 

I so wish we had a picture of the sign-less 'wildcat road.' Soon after, we found this fun sign to take photos with:

We journeyed on. Nathan stopped frequently to check in; the road was rough and broken, beaten by earthquakes, weather, farm trucks, and patches. The ninja bounced and jumped and slipped everywhere, but with each mile, ninja and rider gained confidence.

The views were magnificent, from the foggy ranches to the coastline.

You can see the patchwork and the curves in this picture.

You can see the fabulous curves leading down to the beach in these picture.

And here's me!

The coast was beautiful, and had a stretch of smooth road!

At this point, we took a potty break, looked at our gps's and realized we were likely to be hungry for a while. Amazingly, ten minutes later, Spanky found us a resturaunt!

The lights were out, but the chef was home, so we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and hit the road again.

A while later, we crossed this bridge into the magnificence of the redwood forest.  

Check out the balance beams! Glad the bikes are working well. :-)

And back to highway 1 we went. We journeyed to glass beach, and enjoyed natures forgiving gift of smooth glass after us humans decided to make the beach our garbage can.

The beach was lovely.

The trek down was an adventure. (Nathan lifted me off one part.) for the way back up, we found this 'easy' path. 

There were some cool beach plants.

And then to Point Arena, and tiny little town to spend the night. 

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