Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming home... (Point Arena to San Jose)

Yesterday, we woke up to fog in Point Arena. 

Fireplace lit, we got ready for another fabulous day!

Finding our way, we saw this random buoy house.

And back to highway 1!  There were so many amazing stretches. We only captured pictures a couple times.  There were times we drove along the side of a cliff that we couldn't see how high we were, due to clouds. There were times we did a wide sweeping curve followerd by a double apex with decreasing radius only to pull into a chicane. (I've just exhausted all the words I know for curves, and that was just a short half mile of highway 1.)  there were times we traveled by the beach, the salt thick in the air. There were stretches where the trees branches stretched and reached for their loved ones across the road, as we danced through, blowing them kisses as we went by. Photos just cannot capture this magic, and always when there's a really good photo op for the upcoming twisty road, the throttle hand takes over, and no pictures are taken.

This bird came out to play while we were getting pictures!

And then we were hungry!!  I highly recommend this little resturaunt... Everything tasted wonderful!

We stopped to play at the Kite and Candy Store... Those stores make me love beach towns. So much color, so many treats!

Spanky had a blast!

One thing I learned about California drivers. If you want to go faster than them, they will edge to the side of a windy road with double yellow lines on a blind corner, and expect you to pass there. Then they will skip every pull out meant for letting people pass. They won't pull to the side on a long straight safe section because they suddenly think they can go faster than you. Let me spell this out, as the slowest, most conservative motorcycle rider I know. If there is a rider keeping up with you, they can go faster than you. And they want to. It doesn't mean they'll risk their life on a blind curve, but please, just let them pass. For folks in cars, they are slowly going around corners, and slowly enjoying the view of the beach. On a bike, we are taking in the breathtaking view in 180 degrees, while chomping at the bit to test our skills on the twisties!  But I digress.

We enjoyed highway 1 for miles, then headed over the Golden Gate (too tired to stop and take pictures) and made our 250th mile as we pulled into the Trigg Bed and Breakfast! My last thought to share is a feeling hard to put into words. It was truly surreal to ride down the street of my childhood, a street I've walked so many times, roller skated, bicycled, and driven... To ride down it as a grown woman, on a motorcycle had a meaning I'll be trying to understand for a while. I feel like I've come home to who I am meant to be as I have undertaken the challenge of learning to ride. And in that process of coming home to myself, I also got to come home to the place of the Kristina that was.

I smell bacon! Time to enjoy breakfast with mom and dad and get back on the road! :-)

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