Thursday, May 29, 2014

A day of going... Sonora to Redding on the back roads

We set out with our ideal ride winding 9 hours through eastern California, avoiding I5, ending up east of Shasta. I had read about a wonderful ride through Lassen State Park, and wouldn't it be worth it to try to catch it on the way to Shasta? Well, we'll put it in the GPS and see how it goes.

How it goes is... riding through wonderful twisty roads, stopping for random pictures. How it goes is riding through sleepy towns where men stand on the porch and watch the cars drive by. 

How it goes is... driving through citrus trees, inhaling deeply, and smelling the citrus in the air. How it goes is getting stuck behind a ginormous truck hauling a ginormous boat. 

How it goes is... Sneezing on my motorcycle for the first time ever, and not dying! And then getting stung by a bed while riding!

How it goes is... With sleeping until 8, breakfast, second breakfast, blogging, and breaks.... It starts to look like riding through a national park in the dark, unable to enjoy the beauty, but wary of deer and bears wanting to get all up close and personal with the motorcycles. 

At 5pm, we changed our plan, avoided I5 until the last possible moment, but skipped the extra park. It's only about 450 miles from Portland... A perfect trip for a long weekend!  We'll definitely come back.

On our way, we took some beautiful photos...

Here was a lovely bridge we saw...

The hills were beautiful...

While I took photos 

Nathan looked for ways to play in the dirt.

This river was too gorgeous not to stop for.

We disturbed these birds while walking on their bridge...

And took a risk leaving our bikes here to explore!

They survived.

I loved that Nathan turned around for this sign:

We drove through El Dorado, but saw no gold. 

We had taco's here:

Wish we had one of these in Washington!

But the most epic part of our day goes like this...

Did we stop for Bigfoot? No, we did not. Did we stop for a house carved from a single log? No, we did not. Did we even stop for Laguna Seca raveway? Say it with me. No, we did not. 

But when we saw these massive Amazonian women with giant stone breasts, we stopped.

We do not discriminate based on gender. We photographed the man too.

There was no explanation for these statues in the middle of nowhere. I think it was better that way. 


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  1. First off, that's the Foresthill Bridge, which is so tall because there was originally planned to be a lake under it (later scrapped because of a fault line under the prospective dam location.) Secondly, I can tell you were in Auburn because of this. Keep an eye on that site—it's probably a good resource for motorcycling weirdness.