Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photoblog, San Jose to Pismo Beach!

Over 300 miles of riding, and only a few photos!!

Let's see, Nathan will talk about dinner and breakfast, so I'll skip to our first stop. I needed to re-up my caffeine 

So I decided this would be a good place.

Bikes parked, we ordered caffeine and strawberry rhubarb pie. They decorated my chai!

Nathan let Spanky try some pie.

And we met a cool rider who helped us make some decisions about the next couple days! He told us about some great riding and stops past San Diego... Our adventure is forming in our mind!

Back on the road, the pie held until Monterey. We stopped at Turn 12, not knowing the delights within. This was our greeting:

Spanky ordered some guacamole... Some of the best chips and guac his mommy and daddy have ever tried... He earned himself the nickname Guacamonkey! 

We explored the resturaunt finding cool art, and the front of a formula 1 car. 

Could you have guessed it from that angle? I felt like a rock star when Nathan asked if I knew what that was, and I got the right answer.

Nathan even got to do some racing!

So did Spanky.

Back on the road, bellies full, we found a great photo spot after Carmel by the Sea and pulled off briefly. 

Back on the road, Nathan spotted a spot he'd always dreamed of visiting.  The Bixby Bridge.

We spotted the curves ahead and got back on the road.

We stopped for gas and bathrooms  at the cutest rest stop ever. 

Don't tell anyone, but I actually used the mens... No line. 

Back on the road for San Luis Obisbo, suggested by our friend at the cafe, I turned on the helmet communicators. "Wanna go further than San Luis?" Says Kris.  "Sure" says Nathan. Not much further down the road, we pulled off into Pismo Beach. It was our original intended stopping place, much more picturesque than San Luis, and decided to call it a day. 

Things that are missing from the photos... How the smell of the salt water in California is sometimes tinged with the smell of rotting fish... The chipmunk running in front of our tires at full speed... And surviving. Half Moon Bay... A pretty destination, but unremarkable if you are riding the entire coast line. The Mustang that couldn't go around curves above three miles an hour, but in the passing zones did 90-100, making passing impossible, how every biker waves, no matter the make or model, blowing kisses at Nathan at stop lights, the urge to keep riding, forever, to see this whole world from a motorcycle, the beginning of the day excitement and the end of the day aching bottoms... These things can't be captured with a photo, but remain part of our treasured memories. 

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