Monday, May 26, 2014

Escape from the city... Huntington Beach to Julian

As I sit outside to write this blog, hearing the wind rustle the leaves, the birds chirping in the trees, and the chime of church bells in the distance, I am reflective about how far we have come, and how the landscape has changed. Yesterday, we drove down the coast, but tired of the stoplights and traffic, hopped on the freeway. We stopped at In and Out (I'm not sure Nathan could ever get his fill of in and out) and again tried the pacific coast highway. I saw some of the most beautiful beaches, but did not stop for pictures... The stopping at lights and traffic was enough stopping. By the time we got to Coronado, we were done with the city. Stressed and short tempered, we decided to turn east, to a city known by bikers for the good roads and the apple pie.

There was some amazing scenery, as the landscape changed from coastline to mountain desert. 

I didn't get a picture of the hill, covered in greenery and round boulders. If I see something like it today, I'll definitely pull over and snap a picture.

We arrived in Julian, and saw a horse drawn carriage clip clipping down the road. Magical. We parked the bikes, and out came the camera. 

No more city for us! There's nickle beer and apple picking!

We quickly found the famous Julian Apple Pie company. OMG yummy. 

We shared a Caramel Dutch Apple Pie, and I had cinnamon ice cream.  

I started to wonder if I could strap a pie to my bike to take home! 

Pie inhaled, we decided we wanted to stay in this little town for the night. But first, more pictures. 

You can read more about those in Spanky's blog.

We stopped at a couple hotels, all full. So we pulled out the google machine and called The Orchard Hill Country Inn. Yes!  A room! Pricey, but walking distance from town, and a jacuzzi tub. We hopped back on the bikes, and came around the corner to a sign reading "The Orchard Hill Country Inn, where San Diego comes to say I Love You." This was meant to be. 

Spanky got to drive Nathan's motorcycle from town, and hung out at the controls while we checked in.

This was a beautiful place, and they gave us a map so we could find our way.

Then they had us wait so a gentleman could show us to our room. We talked bikes; he used to ride, but has since given it up. 

We arrived to a bunch of special touches in our room. Complimentary coke, fresh baked cookies, and a sign with our names to welcome us!

This was our own little slice of heaven. When they asked if we wanted to eat at the Inn, we said yes, and both preordered the tenderloin. Dinner was supposedly buisness casual; we asked if we could attend in jeans... They are the dressy clothes we brought! The front desk lady was so sweet, and said of course. Off to the room to freshen up, and choose our cleanest clothes! I did my hair and put on makeup.

The resturaunt was magical, with floor to ceiling windows that made me feel like I was in the treetops! 

The owner, Pat, introduced herself, and we told her we were on our honeymoon. She hugged me in delight! A few minutes later, she called everyone's attention and talked about Nathan and I honeymooning, a dear friend of hers visiting, and a couple having an anniversary. Applause and congratulations all around. We settled in for a ridiculously tasty four course dinner. The steak melted in my mouth like butter.

We wandered back to the room, sleepy, but not bone weary like some of our other days. We let Spanky play on the ceiling fan, talked with Casi on the phone, and reminisced about our day, our pie, and the magic of this place. We snuggled down between 300 pillows, a down mattress, and the softest cosiest blankets available and fell asleep. 

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