Thursday, July 7, 2016

Zion to Bryce... Via Skunk Road

We woke early and enjoyed a lovely off road ride back down our 4x4 trail.  After a good nights sleep and getting into the groove of the bike, I'm not sure why I thought it was so challenging the day before.  Here's a couple photos of the easy parts:

Beautiful, no?  

We came back to Zion, and treated ourselves to a most amazing breakfast at Cafe Soliel, "Zion's grooviest coffee shop."  We were charging all the electronics, and somehow I must have forgotten to take photos.  I highly recommend their "bowls."  And I loved the art and the vibe.   It was a truly groovy place.

After breakfast and charging, we were off! 

Back through Zion, and at the top, time for gas.  Saw this cool tshirt inside:

Confidence... The feel you get before you fully understand the situation.  This is like foreshadowing...  
We continue on to find our dirt pathway to Bryce.  We took took highway 89 to Glendale Bench Rd.   I love the roads in Utah... So much unpaved bliss.

Do we look badass, or what?  :)  

I was glad to note that the cows were now normal cows, no longer sexy dancing cows that were going to come play with my motorcycle.

We were on the lookout for Skutumpah Rd... Way too complicated, so we named it Skunk Rd.  Once we found it, it was dual sporting heaven.

My mantra continues to be true... As the dirt gets redder, the roads get better!  There were some fantastic switchbacks, water crossings, bridges.... So much fun.

It was about lunchtime, so we pulled off for food.... We had been in the middle of nowhere for hours, so we were sure glad we had food with us! 

As it turned out, we were not too far from civilization. We landed on highway 12 near Tropic, and after lunch, found Tropic and it's hotel/convenience store/gas station.  We treated ourselves to a coke and some shade, and headed to Bryce.  

We decided to stay two nights in a campground outside of Bryce.  Laundry, Showers, and off road explorations were waiting!  Spanky went off and had his own adventures.

We picked a campsite all by itself, way up on a hill.  

Tomorrow, I set my sights on off roading near Bryce.  But tonight, showers AND clean clothes!  Too much amazingness to handle.

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