Monday, May 25, 2015

1st Anniversary Ride... Home to Newport, night one

As we approached our first Anniversary, we reflected on all the changes of the past year. Following our honeymoon, our dog passed away.  Then our oldest graduated from high school, we sold our two houses and bought a house in Hillsboro, we sent our oldest off to college, Kris got a new job (Nathan now gets to work from home!), and all the fun things that go along with all those changes. And more pertinent to this blog, Kris decided that she wanted a dual sport after the honeymoon ride, so she got an xt225. And then she got a G650gs.

Which brings us back to talking about the past year, and how we wanted to celebrate our anniversary. It was almost simultaneous, we both wanted to go back to the lost coast. Could we do it in a weekend? A quick Google maps check said no, it was nearly 1000 miles round trip.  But we did plan our wedding right around memorial day... How about a four day weekend?

But we were different this year. We had an even deeper penchant for adventures. We wanted to explore the lost coast fully, and camp on the way. (Too many nights spent watching Long Way Round and dreaming of long long rides....) So the preparations began. Panniers? Ordered and installed. Camping gear? Bought and tested. Dehydrated food? Selected and packed. Kris's off road training? Well, one gravel road at 12 mph counts as training, right?

The week of our trip arrives, and Nathan finds out he has to be in Seattle on Thursday, departure day. So, enthuiasist that Nathan is, he got his boss to promise he'd be out the door by 1, so he could ride home and we'd be out the door by 5! He got home, 400 miles under his belt, and we were off.

Heading toward the setting sun, we journeyed toward a home just north of Newport. One of our first tries with Motostays! (If you haven't already, check out When we arrived, Jalene had reorganized the already bike full garage to fit our two bikes!

We walked into Jalene and Keith's enchantingly artistic home, and immediately felt at home. We spent hours talking Motorcycle adventures. Jalene and Keith are about to embark on a two year adventure all around Central and South America. We were captivated listening to this plan, as we dream of having all of the adventures. Jalene was an awesome resource for Kris, and offered to link her up to some women's riding connections. After great conversation, we realized it was a work night for our hosts, so we headed to bed, to rest up for our 350 mile riding day tomorrow.

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